Over 9000!!!

This is the achieve I would love to see. I would also like to see the “Wtf you have more achieves then me” from Aldous over at the Boozekin. I started this mission a few weeks back as I have come into a bit of free time to say the least. Let me set a little back story..


Sniz your average decieveing rogue type who just joined TTGF after raiding with “hardcore guild” for about a year. This may have been do to the fact that the legendary would be coming out and TTGF had no rogue or a little bit of not wating to raid 5 nights a week. Sniz had been working on some achievements now and then but never striving to be the best or have the most achievements. Then it happened he was bitten by the achievement bug. He went on a rampage destroying all of the exploring achievements and all of the dungeon achievements and a few others on the way. In just under 3 day Sniz had gained well over 1500 achievement points. This is where we are now Sniz is sitting at about 7500 achiement points and needs more. There hasn’t been much drive to do one achievement over another so they are all being worked on kind of scatter brained. So I decided I would start a new blogging series and leave it up to those who read my blog as to what achieve I should do next, it will be a combined effort and I will continue with this until we see the fateful

It's OVER 9000!!!!

So please leave a comment or like anothers comment on what achieve you think Sniz should shoot for next and if you want to check out what I have and have not achieved you can find Sniz on the armory.


~ by supabacca on October 3, 2011.

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  1. What about rated BG achieves?

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