Over 9000!!!

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This is the achieve I would love to see. I would also like to see the “Wtf you have more achieves then me” from Aldous over at the Boozekin. I started this mission a few weeks back as I have come into a bit of free time to say the least. Let me set a little back story..


Sniz your average decieveing rogue type who just joined TTGF after raiding with “hardcore guild” for about a year. This may have been do to the fact that the legendary would be coming out and TTGF had no rogue or a little bit of not wating to raid 5 nights a week. Sniz had been working on some achievements now and then but never striving to be the best or have the most achievements. Then it happened he was bitten by the achievement bug. He went on a rampage destroying all of the exploring achievements and all of the dungeon achievements and a few others on the way. In just under 3 day Sniz had gained well over 1500 achievement points. This is where we are now Sniz is sitting at about 7500 achiement points and needs more. There hasn’t been much drive to do one achievement over another so they are all being worked on kind of scatter brained. So I decided I would start a new blogging series and leave it up to those who read my blog as to what achieve I should do next, it will be a combined effort and I will continue with this until we see the fateful

It's OVER 9000!!!!

So please leave a comment or like anothers comment on what achieve you think Sniz should shoot for next and if you want to check out what I have and have not achieved you can find Sniz on the armory.


Character Profile: Antioxidant

•June 27, 2011 • 2 Comments

Antioxidant grew up a well off ret/prot pally leveling with her beloved refer a friend aptly named antioxifrend, gotta love the bonus xp haha. I leveled my pally back in Wotlk so excited about the crazy dps they could do as well as wanting to be part of the “my mana pool is so big…” crowd. I spent a lot of time as ret once I reached 80. Blew up the meters in every heroic and got my Shadow’s Edge (qq want shadowmourn). Ret was all I knew, tanking now and then when there was no one else to fill the position.When Cata dropped I knew I wanted to main my paladin in TTGF. Not sure what spec but I knew it would be awesome, pallies are always OP. I leveled to 85 as prot pre WoG nerf. It was amazing never having to stop to drink or eat. Once I hit 85 I started looking at the guild and at who everyone had decided to main for our 10 man. I was a bit sad but it looked like there was no way I was gonna be ret, I shed a single tear as I changed my dps meter to a healing meter.

However, since that day I haven’t looked back. I speced holy after doing all my research for talents and what if any optional talents there were. I now heal our main raid team and sometimes tank if my off spec is ever called for. Since main specing holy I have loved it more and more. It definitely makes raid leading a bit more challenging when it comes to progression fights with tons of stuff going on. I would say that I am very good at playing holy pally, just ask my guild, it is definitely one of if not my favorite class/spec in the game atm. I am currently in full epics and just shy of full 359, cho’gall would just not give me his bracers.

In the future I plan on continuing to heal TTGF but possibly ret dps at some point or maybe change my main but no time soon couldn’t change my main with pally tier 12 looking so awesome.


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As TTGF looks at starting our third raid as a “casual progression” guild I think what it holds for us. Will we rank top horde 10 man guild for a bit? Will be be rofl stomped to the ground by guilds like Kittensoup or Challenge accepted? I guess we will know at the end of next week. We have a pretty strong raid team going into firelands and I am pretty excited. New raid content means new gear for my paladin and who isn’t excited for Pally tier 12.TTGF finished off Tier 11 as 17th progression guild on the server with 12/12 normal. We may move up to 14th if we are able to kill heroic halfus this evening.

At 17th we are the 5th highest horde 10 man guild which is quite an accomplishment of a small 10 man team, that sometimes has to pugg 1 for progression nights. Overall we did great this tier and hope to kill Rag and few heroics pre tier 13. TTGF has been a very solid guild and should move through firelands quickly. Heres to the raid team, Let’s down done some shit on Wednesday!!

Edit: We got heroic Halfus great job guys!!!

The “speed que”

•May 28, 2011 • 4 Comments

I was leveling my shaman Supabacca the other day, now I know its faster to level through quests or a mixture of quests and dungeons, but I just can’t bring myself to do the same old quests for the 10th or so time. So I look to the friendly dungeon finder and pray that it brings me luck in the form of a tank in full boa’s looking for non- stop, chain pulling, hold on to your seat, kill fest of back to back dungeons. This happens but never often enough and it can never overcome the the feeling I get when running into a fresh level 60 death knight who has no idea what tanking is. These tanks pull one group at a time, ask if I need mana when I’m at 90%, wait for all their cooldowns to be up for every pull, and have to talk about nonsense for about 20 minutes while accomplishing nothing in the dungeon. All of this got me thinking why can’t I just get a “I have done these a million times and will be doing multiple dungeons so que me will full boa geared people so I can go raid all ready que”? or just “speed que”.

The “speed que” would obviously need to have some requirements for as to who is able to que this way so lets just lay some basic rules. You have to have at least 4 max level characters and the character being leveled has to have at least 4 boa items(chest, shoulders, weapon, trinket) since these are easily purchased with extra justice points and don’t require a guild to have access to like the cloaks and head pieces. This means that everyone in the party would be pretty over geared for at level dungeons and know that the “speed que” is meant to be use for fast paced or more easily accomplished dungeons. The “speed que” could be used by people who want to run tons of dungeons and level up quickly or by those who don’t have 2 hours to spend doing one mana tombs run, yeah 2 HOUR mana tombs. My shaman currently has 7 boa’s (helm,shoulders, cloak, chest, weapon, and 2 trinkets) if only I could get that fishing tournament ring.

There would obviously be some positives and negatives to this system. The positives being that players like me are able to que with like minded players and level up quickly and efficiently via the dungeon finder. This could also lead to more people rolling alts, which is more time spent in game a positive for blizzard. There would be some very obvious negatives to this system as the over geared boa wearing players would most likely no longer que for normal dungeons when they could use the “speed que” which means that the normal que groups may have a harder time overcoming the challenges that face them, but how much different is this than the system now if the whole group doesn’t have boa’s. As always blizzard doesn’t just want people blowing through content to quickly (even if we have done it to many times). Let me know what you think of this or any ideas you’ve had about the speed of low level dungeons.

For now I’ll just have to keeping queing and hoping for those amazingly geared tanks, until my warrior friends get to my level and we blow through every dungeon like butter till 80 aha.

The Gob Hop!

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One goblins mission to jump the world in a single rocket powered leap!

So a bit about me call me Supabacca or Supapreist or hell supa anything for that matter, I’m just an altoholic who raids to much and loves to watch it rain purples. Raiding seriously in 2 guilds 5 nights a week, raid leading 1, and solo rogueing the other. All the while somehow finding the time to pvp and level alts. Healing is my passion, DPS is where I find the most fun, and tanking was all I did for the last two expansions. I currently have six 85’s and 4 of them that I play seriously. However, I am spending quite a bit of time leveling my shaman, since resto is amazing.

Check out the picture below for my four mains and my goblin shaman.

My Experience- I raid lead the guild Tsu Tain Guu Faitaa on Drenden US, currently 10/12 normal. We are a pretty tight 10 man group of mostly RL friends and some very “exclusive” others lol. We do pretty well and clear most content before it becomes old news. In TTGF I heal on my holy pally and sometimes on my resto druid.

I am also a part of another raiding team which does 25 man content and is a pretty serious progression guild; currently 9/13 heroic. I raid in this group with my rogue and have come to despise fights like Valiona & Theralion heroic, seriously do “floating balls of death” really need to hit for 60K.

I pvp on and off with friends never super seriously but it is definitely something I am planning to get into more. I have been up to a maximum rating of about 1900 and hope to see 2.2k along with tier two weapons in a upcoming season.

Lastly I am a huge fan of min/maxing at all gear levels. This includes everything from best raid specs, optional talents, glyphs, gems, old school enchants, and just about anything that will improve my characters ability to perform.

I hope to cover just about everything that I am interested in when it comes to WoW and maybe a bit more.

Enjoy as the tinkering ensues!