As TTGF looks at starting our third raid as a “casual progression” guild I think what it holds for us. Will we rank top horde 10 man guild for a bit? Will be be rofl stomped to the ground by guilds like Kittensoup or Challenge accepted? I guess we will know at the end of next week. We have a pretty strong raid team going into firelands and I am pretty excited. New raid content means new gear for my paladin and who isn’t excited for Pally tier 12.TTGF finished off Tier 11 as 17th progression guild on the server with 12/12 normal. We may move up to 14th if we are able to kill heroic halfus this evening.

At 17th we are the 5th highest horde 10 man guild which is quite an accomplishment of a small 10 man team, that sometimes has to pugg 1 for progression nights. Overall we did great this tier and hope to kill Rag and few heroics pre tier 13. TTGF has been a very solid guild and should move through firelands quickly. Heres to the raid team, Let’s down done some shit on Wednesday!!

Edit: We got heroic Halfus great job guys!!!


~ by supabacca on June 27, 2011.

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