Character Profile: Antioxidant

Antioxidant grew up a well off ret/prot pally leveling with her beloved refer a friend aptly named antioxifrend, gotta love the bonus xp haha. I leveled my pally back in Wotlk so excited about the crazy dps they could do as well as wanting to be part of the “my mana pool is so big…” crowd. I spent a lot of time as ret once I reached 80. Blew up the meters in every heroic and got my Shadow’s Edge (qq want shadowmourn). Ret was all I knew, tanking now and then when there was no one else to fill the position.When Cata dropped I knew I wanted to main my paladin in TTGF. Not sure what spec but I knew it would be awesome, pallies are always OP. I leveled to 85 as prot pre WoG nerf. It was amazing never having to stop to drink or eat. Once I hit 85 I started looking at the guild and at who everyone had decided to main for our 10 man. I was a bit sad but it looked like there was no way I was gonna be ret, I shed a single tear as I changed my dps meter to a healing meter.

However, since that day I haven’t looked back. I speced holy after doing all my research for talents and what if any optional talents there were. I now heal our main raid team and sometimes tank if my off spec is ever called for. Since main specing holy I have loved it more and more. It definitely makes raid leading a bit more challenging when it comes to progression fights with tons of stuff going on. I would say that I am very good at playing holy pally, just ask my guild, it is definitely one of if not my favorite class/spec in the game atm. I am currently in full epics and just shy of full 359, cho’gall would just not give me his bracers.

In the future I plan on continuing to heal TTGF but possibly ret dps at some point or maybe change my main but no time soon couldn’t change my main with pally tier 12 looking so awesome.


~ by supabacca on June 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Character Profile: Antioxidant”

  1. I really like this idea… I might have to steal it. I also think Paladin tier was accidentally swapped for warlock tier models.

  2. Lol na this tier set is way to cool for Warlocks!

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