The “speed que”

I was leveling my shaman Supabacca the other day, now I know its faster to level through quests or a mixture of quests and dungeons, but I just can’t bring myself to do the same old quests for the 10th or so time. So I look to the friendly dungeon finder and pray that it brings me luck in the form of a tank in full boa’s looking for non- stop, chain pulling, hold on to your seat, kill fest of back to back dungeons. This happens but never often enough and it can never overcome the the feeling I get when running into a fresh level 60 death knight who has no idea what tanking is. These tanks pull one group at a time, ask if I need mana when I’m at 90%, wait for all their cooldowns to be up for every pull, and have to talk about nonsense for about 20 minutes while accomplishing nothing in the dungeon. All of this got me thinking why can’t I just get a “I have done these a million times and will be doing multiple dungeons so que me will full boa geared people so I can go raid all ready que”? or just “speed que”.

The “speed que” would obviously need to have some requirements for as to who is able to que this way so lets just lay some basic rules. You have to have at least 4 max level characters and the character being leveled has to have at least 4 boa items(chest, shoulders, weapon, trinket) since these are easily purchased with extra justice points and don’t require a guild to have access to like the cloaks and head pieces. This means that everyone in the party would be pretty over geared for at level dungeons and know that the “speed que” is meant to be use for fast paced or more easily accomplished dungeons. The “speed que” could be used by people who want to run tons of dungeons and level up quickly or by those who don’t have 2 hours to spend doing one mana tombs run, yeah 2 HOUR mana tombs. My shaman currently has 7 boa’s (helm,shoulders, cloak, chest, weapon, and 2 trinkets) if only I could get that fishing tournament ring.

There would obviously be some positives and negatives to this system. The positives being that players like me are able to que with like minded players and level up quickly and efficiently via the dungeon finder. This could also lead to more people rolling alts, which is more time spent in game a positive for blizzard. There would be some very obvious negatives to this system as the over geared boa wearing players would most likely no longer que for normal dungeons when they could use the “speed que” which means that the normal que groups may have a harder time overcoming the challenges that face them, but how much different is this than the system now if the whole group doesn’t have boa’s. As always blizzard doesn’t just want people blowing through content to quickly (even if we have done it to many times). Let me know what you think of this or any ideas you’ve had about the speed of low level dungeons.

For now I’ll just have to keeping queing and hoping for those amazingly geared tanks, until my warrior friends get to my level and we blow through every dungeon like butter till 80 aha.


~ by supabacca on May 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “The “speed que””

  1. I like the idea. I’m thinking we’d definitely find more jerks using this method, but that might be a fun challenge as well.

  2. I think it’s a good idea. It’s really like how they have specific battleground brackets for those who have stopped their XP gain. They’re after a very specific game experience (twinking), which would be pretty similar in preparation/skill level to what you’re suggesting.

    And I think it’d be a better experience on both parts, too. If you’re new to tanking it makes sense that you’re going to be a little slower because you’re being more careful. Having an all-BOAs DPS just destroying you on threat each pull really isn’t going to help you learn how to tank.

    • Exactly. It also wouldn’t be to hard for blizz to implement since they already have some kind of system that checks for an alt at level 55 for dk’s. I would be pretty awesome to since you could assume that most players who are on there fourth, fifth, etc alt know the dungeons.

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