The Gob Hop!

One goblins mission to jump the world in a single rocket powered leap!

So a bit about me call me Supabacca or Supapreist or hell supa anything for that matter, I’m just an altoholic who raids to much and loves to watch it rain purples. Raiding seriously in 2 guilds 5 nights a week, raid leading 1, and solo rogueing the other. All the while somehow finding the time to pvp and level alts. Healing is my passion, DPS is where I find the most fun, and tanking was all I did for the last two expansions. I currently have six 85’s and 4 of them that I play seriously. However, I am spending quite a bit of time leveling my shaman, since resto is amazing.

Check out the picture below for my four mains and my goblin shaman.

My Experience- I raid lead the guild Tsu Tain Guu Faitaa on Drenden US, currently 10/12 normal. We are a pretty tight 10 man group of mostly RL friends and some very “exclusive” others lol. We do pretty well and clear most content before it becomes old news. In TTGF I heal on my holy pally and sometimes on my resto druid.

I am also a part of another raiding team which does 25 man content and is a pretty serious progression guild; currently 9/13 heroic. I raid in this group with my rogue and have come to despise fights like Valiona & Theralion heroic, seriously do “floating balls of death” really need to hit for 60K.

I pvp on and off with friends never super seriously but it is definitely something I am planning to get into more. I have been up to a maximum rating of about 1900 and hope to see 2.2k along with tier two weapons in a upcoming season.

Lastly I am a huge fan of min/maxing at all gear levels. This includes everything from best raid specs, optional talents, glyphs, gems, old school enchants, and just about anything that will improve my characters ability to perform.

I hope to cover just about everything that I am interested in when it comes to WoW and maybe a bit more.

Enjoy as the tinkering ensues!


~ by supabacca on May 25, 2011.

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